Tales From The Glitch Kitchen: Swamp Jam with a New York Yankee

by Trip Wamsley with Gary Usie and Neil Nail Alexander

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Shoe shoe shoe ah.


This was a series of jams recorded live between Gary and myself. Neil added his keyboard wizardry later. So it's not a jam but a jam and not a jam jam but it jams. I enjoyed keeping "mistakes." It's as real as I could get and still stay palatable. Well, to me at least. It was done basically without taste or restraint. 20 or so years ago taste meant something. Today it means boring. To me at least. Anyway, I hope you dig this thing. If you don't like it remember: It was ALL Gary's idea...

Mixed by T-Dub in the Glitch Kitchen

The people that helped:

Ray Rebert for letting Gary and I take over your plumbing shop/studio in St. Martinville LA. Drums were recorded there. No. Really.

Neil Alexander for making certain tunes REALLY happen.

Ira Lowenstein for all the games of checkers in Central Park I never had with you because you really don't exist but you do exist only because I should have been from New York. You are a true friend. We would have done your parts at Compass Point. Really and for true.

Gary Usie for setting things in motion and making it all happen. Mind meld. Let's plan on PART II?

Sarun Wamsley for wondering what the hell was going on and staying quiet about it anyway. I love thee. Even though we aren't from New York City. I cherish thee.

Kim Janes for the cover because I don't know how to do them. Also, for being a fun pop music collaborator. Thanks for helping even though you don't like this kind of music at all. But you'd like it if Dave G. did it. Yep. Then you'd say, "man I've been digging this kinda stuff for YEARS." :o)

Thanks also:

DR strings
Uwe Salwender

The above people help me with gear in a MOST complimentary fashion. Otherwise I would not mention ANY gear. Nope. There are no free rides. I used other gear too. But they merely made nice things that use. But they DID not really help per se. But THEY COULD but that's really not how the world works. So they don't get mentioned. Nope.

Other gear used:

Really neato recording preamps
Picks made of plastic

This is getting boring. Thanks TO YOU THE LISTENER for taking the time and hopefully supporting the art and not downloading from some weird place in the former Eastern Block of Europe.

Best regards,



released July 31, 2012

Trip Wamsley: Bass guitars, piccolo bass, devices, bass pedal synth.
Gary Usie: Drums and Mastermind
Neil Alexander: Keys

and introducing:

Ira Lowenstein: Guitars


all rights reserved


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